• Gary Miller
    Six Sigma | Lean | Process Analysis | Web Inteligence
About Me

I specialise in helping businesses achieve their strategic goals and ambitions. In my experience, these goals are forever changing due to a whole host of factors that affect operating processes. My goal is to investigate problems that affect business processes, of every description, through the full employment of advanced Six Sigma and Lean methodologies providing sustainable, controlled improvements resulting in increased customer satisfaction and greater fiscal returns.


To exceed my customer's expectations by improving or creating sustainable business processes without variation and waste.


To help inspire and empower business to succeed and make breakthrough improvements in process efficiencies and bottom line profits.

Primary Skillset

Six Sigma Methodology

Reducing process variation to minimal levels to achiev zero defects

Lean Methodology

Eliminating the "Seven" wastes for breakthrough improvement

Business Process Analysis

Determining operational improvements through process understanding

Website Design & SEO

Providing an engaging web presence that is highly ranked by search engines


The aim is to complete a minimum of 85% of projects that result in "hard" savings, any "soft" savings are deemed as extra.


average project revenue


average project cost


average project days.


hard saving %

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