Project Management

Project Management is the art of making things happen.

Project Management

Project management can be defined as a way of developing structure in a complex project, where the independent variables of time, cost, resources and human behavior come together. by Rory Burke
The Project manager

I see my role as a Project Manager as being responsible for everything that's required to complete a project successfully - whether indirectly or directly. When taking the role of a project manager it isn't like that of a typical line manager, I'm necessarily at the center of everything relevant to the project. Controlling the contributions of seniors and peers is just as important as managing the work of the team.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. by Albert Einstein

Most if not all projects require a project team and not only is it my job to supervise that team it's just as important for me to control the contributions of my peers and those of senior management, whilst keeping expectations realistic.

Rules I stand by
  • Always have a project plan
  • Identify any risks and dependencies
  • The corporate culture must be understood
  • Maintain a communication plan
  • Keep stakeholders and sponsors informed
  • Monitor project status continuously
  • Always use an effective process
  • Manage scope, time and cost - always

Invaluable Experience

Early in my career, I was a Chief Engineer in the British Merchant Navy; it was then that I first started to hone and use my skills as a Project Manager, in the most demanding and difficult of circumstances.

project overview

As an experienced Project Manager, I need to manage upwardly, making sure the inverted hierarchy consisting of the leadership of the organisation and project sponsors are undertaking all necessary steps to secure project success. It is always important for me as the Project Manager to be the main point of contact with other departments, initiatives and projects within the organisation, taking into consideration the efforts and requirements of other internal groups.

Similarly, I have always found it best project managementthat I am the first point of contact when the co-ordination and co-operation with any external parties are required, such as the with project's contractors and suppliers,

customers and other third parties such as regulatory bodies, to ensure success with everything in place. As the Project Manager, I would have responsibility for the actions of all project members, all project tasks and all project deliverables. It's worth remembering that a project manager has to accomplish this without the direct control of individuals. It's rare that a project manager would have any control over the leadership, nor the external and internal contributors. It's also likely the project team would consist of borrowed staff, part-timers and sub-contractors who will have primary loyalties elsewhere.

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